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    Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker
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    We're about to enter the second half of 2018 and there's still no release date for the teen fuck at school Underrail: Expedition expansion. Nevertheless, in the miss america semi nude, Styg assures us that "development is going more or less according to plan". To prove it, he's put together a video showcasing some of the expansion's most interesting new environments.

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    Hi guys,

    Just want to let you know that development is going more or less according to plan. After finishing the Rig and the stuff in the old world, we've moved back to the Black Sea and are now polishing up some of the areas and wrapping up quests and the like. You can see some of the interesting areas in the video below as you relax to the excellent atmospheric music of Josh Culler.

    We've also started working on the savage natives and their areas, so expect to see some of that in the next dev log.

    That's all - just a short update to let you guys know that the development is going more or less according to plan and that you guys should stay tuned for more dev logs in the coming months.

    Let us know how you liked the areas showcased in the video.

    I like the animated logo at the beginning. Hopefully this means the expansion is coming out this year, although the fact that they're starting work on a new area isn't reassuring.
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    This expansion is taking so long I feel like he is making a sequel instead lol.
    Last edited: you porn ass fucking Jun 30, 2018
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    Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker
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    nice tight wet pussy I feel at this point it would be a terrible mistake to release the expansion as a DLC on Steam.

    You need to rerelease the entire game as a new edition with the expansion included. Underrail: Expanded Edition, with a discount or special upgrade option for people who own the original.
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    True, it seems to have worked very well for Larian, and many other companies that have done something of the sort. As it is a new release, you end up attracting new people, who probably wouldn't buy a game just because a new DLC came out for it. Put the price of the 'upgrade' the same as it would be as a DLC for those who already have the original game, and done.
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    That's look incredible. Can't wait...
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    Divinity: Original Sin 2
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    Man... Looks very creepy and interesting - and the music matches it completely.
    This is fantastic and I can't wait to play it.
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    Codex 2012 Codex 2013 Codex 2014 PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015 Make the Codex Great Again! Grab the Codex by the pussy Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong BattleTech
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    Very true indeed. On the one hand there is too much hard work and quality content to be risked to go mostly unnoticed and
    I think the new material is looking very compelling and should be able to rope new players in, or ones undecided until now.

    Additionally, Expanded Edition, or True Incline Edition, something in that regard, gives the implication, that the game
    has been tried, tested, balanced(tm), the kinks ironed out, yadda yadda. Again expanding the potential for new players. :obviously:
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    That base reminds me of Fallout
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    teen girl squad 1, listen to this guy. Dig into decline of enhanced editions to bring the incline.
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    Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker
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    Underrail: ExpEdition :cool:
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    God I can't wait for this expansion to come out.
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    This. Despite its success, the game is still fucking niche and a lot of revenue was lost on pretty much underselling it. When no-content shit like Moonlighter (for exaple) sells for 20 euro a piece or 6 hour "games" like Frostpunk are asking 30, there's just no point to remain humble.
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    Moonlighter is a casual game and Frostpunk has "better" graphics that mainstream players appreciate more. Underrail is more hardcore than both (and many more games), it is even more hardcore than Fallout 1 and 2. As such not many casuals are going to dare try it for 30$ (or even 20).
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    Divinity: Original Sin Wasteland 2
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    Pope is right. It was 7 Euro on early access... I did not mind 7 and i would not mind 30. He made the game for a specific group of people and for that group the game was worth more than he asked for. See AoD and Vince...
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    Listen to the jew about ExpEdition marketing.

    Afterall the jews can sell shoelaces and buttons to barefoot and naked savages and make those savages think they profited.
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    Yeah, if there will be no diference in price fro those who already own the game, I agree lol...
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    Agreed, instead of a DLC make it a "upgrade" for those who already own the base game.

    This game deserves more love from the outside world.
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    Personally I wouldn't mind buying the whole ExpEdition, even if it means buying the base game a second time. It was way too cheap to begin with and Styg doesn't accept donations.
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    I have an erection now, and I need release.
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